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Yeah, that's probably the most realistic reaction.

You awake several minutes later, to the rather odd sensation of the wolf licking your face. It takes every shred of resolve in your being to keep from fainting again. As it is, you just crawl backwards and gibber a little.

"Is something wrong? Can I get you a doctor or something?" The wolf looks at you for a few seconds, head turned slightly to one side in concern. Then it closes its eyes and grimaces for a moment. "Oh, I'm sorry--it's the wolf thing, isn't it? I always get confused about what animals are socially acceptable in what timelines. Let me try something else."

The wolf glows for a moment. Then it flickers, like a TV set changing channels. Before you can blink, a much smaller shape--a grey squirrel, from what you can see before the glow dies out--is standing there before you.

"Is this better?"

Written by Phaedrus

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