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The Wolf's Story

"Look, this wasn't my idea! I'm a regular guy, just like you. It wasn't even my girlfriend!"

"Girlfriend?" All of this is happening MUCH too fast.

"Yeah, girlfriend! It was Pete's girlfriend who was into witchcraft... oh-oh!"

"What do you mean, oh-oh?"

"Damn! It's not worn off yet! Everyone I talk to gets it!"

By then you begin, far too late, to understand. The world grows as you begin to shrink and shrink. Even the wolf is huge by the time things stop, and the cursed streetlight seems as far away as the moon.

Somehow you know you have become a white rabbit. Fear overwhelms you, and you dash for cover underneath a nearby parked car. But there is nowhere else to run, and eventually you calm down a bit.

"Man!" the wolf says. "And I thought I had it bad! What are we going to do now?"

Written by Phil

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