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Interactive Story - Game 3

Welcome to the newest interactive storygame here on Lycanon. Come on in, check the foundation, and see if you want to add any "rooms"... there's always room for more. (Just remember ... although this entire site is transformation-oriented, you don't have to have a transformation on every page. Sometimes, what comes after the transformation can be just as exciting as the change itself.)

While the setup has a boilerplate drawn from history, don't feel limited to just what's set down in hardcopy regarding such things... imagination is more than half the fun around here.

Enjoy. :)

-- Wanderer, Game 3 Editor

A total of five options can be added to any page. This game is PG-rated.

Enter the Story

(For those who have been here before and are watching for new episodes, an outline of the story episodes, updated every few hours, is also available.)