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I received suggestions and ideas from the following people, listed in no particular order. Once again, my profuse thanks to each of them. (And, if you're one of these people, and you would like your entry in the HTML version to point to your home page or something, just let me know.)

1. Jeff Jensen 2. Greg Alan Raburn 3. Gavin Steyn
4. Todd Haynes 5. Dave Schaumann 6. Paul S Shannon
7. Seth D. Kadesh 8. Janet M. Lafler 9. Michel Forget
10. Dan Bloch 11. Joe Huber 12. Andy Nelson
13. David Goldfarb 14. Marc Espie 15. Sonja Bock
16. Jim Kasprzak 17. (unknown) 18. Gavroche
19. Robert Fisch 20. Carlo Radovsky 21. Ellen West
22. John Whitmore 23. Michael J. Hennebry 24. Sam F Bullard
25. Alayne McGregor 26. Jim Winer 27. Robert White
28. Tom Talley 29. Marc Colten 30. Ron Hough
31. D. Jay Newman 32. Maurizio Codogno 33. Leslie DeGroff
34. The Humbug Wizard 35. Ryk E Spoor 36. Caroline Kierstead
37. Mark Gooley 38. David Fenger 39. Ben Cohen
40. Matthew P Wiener 41. Rolf Wilson 42. Dani Zwieg
43. Malcolm Mladenovic 44. Juri Munkki 45. Heikki Poso
46. Jason Comander 47. David Bennett 48. Stephen Carter Morgan
49. The Neuromancer 50. Michael Kerstetter 51. Derek Upham
52. Beth McCurdy 53. Cirocco Jones 54. Greg Schmidt
55. Ethan Miller 56. Teppo Jarvinen 57. Marcy Thompson
58. Bob Ewoldt 59. Jim Lawson 60. Aaron Humphrey
61. Greg Hughes 62. Amy Goldschlager 63. Steven Young
64. David Gibbs 65. Lanny Fields 66. Anthony J. Messina Coe
67. Kyle Wohlmut 68. Dave Hollinsworth 69. Sarah Smith
70. Garrett Wollman 71. Roger Squires 72. Tal Greywolf
73. Courtenay Footman 74. Peter Joachim 75. Jim Henry
76. Bill Hart 77. Malcolm Farmer 78. Brian Eirik Coe
79. Marko Korkiakoski 80. David Zink 81. Tom Zych
82. Dan Goodman 83. Dan Lorey 84. Lino Vari
85. Toni Sweeney 86. Nate Couch 87. List of unknown authorship, sent in by Thomas Pluck
88. Tom Brady 89. Garrett Wollman 90. Martin Keates
91. Kerry Lee 92. Ian McDonald 93. Andy Wilson
94. Robert Sneddon 95. Katherine Milligan 96. Jan Six
97. Ian from alt.horror.werewolves 98. Avi Melman 99. Frang
100. Jason Trowbridge 101. Claude 102. Paul R. Lester
103. Bryan Derksen 104. Joseph Nebus 105. Michael Welsh Duggan
106. Roy Brander 107. Jeff Carver 108. Timothy Fay
109. Dread Pirate Baker 110. Joe Katz 111. Valerie Bryant
112. T. Chris Martindale 113. Richard Taliaferro 114. Joerg Reuter
115. Curtis Coman 116. Teresa Pearson 117. D. Watkins
118. Julius 119. Bryan Chen 120. Glenn
121. Linda Chance 122. Sidney C. Ontai 123. Robin Mercer
124. Walsh 125. Robert Parish 126. Amy Smith-Rivers
127. Christine Hawkins 128. Stickmaker 129. John Kim
130. Craig Hemenway 131. Doug Sojourner 132. Lawrence Schimel
133. Jesse von Kirchner 134. Ilse Rijk 135. "Dr. John" Filpus
136. Ian Davey 137. "Customer" 138. Ville Forss
139. Lawrence Person 140. "Shard" 141. Waldo Kaiser
142. (anonymous) 143. David Haseldine 144. Tiel Jackson
145. Duncan DeWar 146. "Janene" 147. "Goldberg4"
148. Jared Yelton 149. Jeffrey Meszaros 150. Jeremy Cook
151. Terry David Manuel 152. Jennifer (xStaTix) 153. Yuri Wuensch
154. William Osborn 155. "Amorphus" 156. John Byers
157. Joshua Roby 158. William Little 159. "Osty"
160. Anonymous 161. "MSmith" 162. "MVandi"
163. Mark D. McKean 164. Patricia Seibel 165. Pamela Briggs
166. Marcelo de Castro Bastos 167. David Metzger 168. Bill Lindblad
169. Melanie Uhlir 170. "Frenchie" 171. "Eric"
172. Celene Morningstar 173. "Comus" 174. Jaymie Rhoen
175. Bob Hupp 176. Calvin Hobbes 177. Ryan "Wolphin" McConigley

Comments with "Ph" next to them are my own.

Marge@coyote.cs.wmich.edu was kind enough to send me her "TG SF List", a list of SF/fantasy stories with transvestite/transsexual themes or characters. Since then, she has apparently left the net, and her version of the list has dropped out of sight; however, the list has since evolved into a much broader list of stories involving gender "confusion" (transvestites, cross-dressing, etc.), maintained by Bob Ewoldt. A copy of this list is available at the Rutgers archive (sflovers.rutgers.edu), as "gender-swapping.txt." Where you see "TG" listed for a book in this list, it means that that book was listed on Marge's original TG SF list (I have yet to read through the expanded list and see what changes were made, mostly because the book portion of that list is sorted by title, which makes cross-referencing it with a by-author list like this quite a task); I've tried to place these markers in the category (+, 0 or -) that seemed appropriate based on the comments in that list, but I haven't included the comments themselves, because I didn't want to step on anyone's toes (after all, the people sending in those comments sent them to her list and not mine). There are many more books in this list that aren't in mine at all (and vice-versa, of course).

Also, there were a few suggestions from another thread on alt.horror.werewolves; I saved them, but cleverly managed to fail to save the headers. :-( So these entries are flagged with "AHW".

Where to from here?

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