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Stories: H

Hall, Donald

0 "The Wonderful Dog Suit" {/Ph/}

[in Shape Shifters by Yolen]

Hamilton, Edmond [AL]

- "He That Hath Wings" {//Ph}

[in Mutants; eds. Asimov, Greenberg, and Waugh; Harper; 1988; 0694056294; $2.95] [BB] [BBT]

- "The Man Who Evolved" {//Ph}

[In Before the Golden Age; Asimov, Isaac (ed.); Doubleday; 1974; 0385024193; $16.95 hardback] [BB] [BBT]
[In The Best of Edmond Hamilton; Doubleday; SFBC; 1977] [BBT]

Hamilton, Laurell

0 "Geese" {/72/}

[in Sword and Sorceress VII; ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley]

Hamlet, Ova (pseud.) [??]

- "The Nosepickers of Dawr" {//94} [??]

[in Amazing/Fantastic, July 1981]

Hand, Elizabeth [BL]

0 "Snow on Sugar Mountain" {/72/}

[In Full Spectrum 3; eds. Lou Aronica, Amy Stout, & Betsy Mitchell; ?; $?] [BBT]

Hasse, Harry

0 "He Who Shrank" {/Ph/}

[in Before the Golden Age; ed. Asimov, Isaac; Doubleday; 1974; 0385024193; $16.95 hardback] [BB] [BBT]
[in Adventures in Time and Space; eds. Healy, Haymond L. and McComas, J.F.; Ballantine; 1979; 0345289250; $9.95 softcover] [BB] [BBT]
[in Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of Fantasy 5: Giants; eds. Asimov, Greenberg and Waugh; Signet; 1985; 0451139224; $3.95] [BB] [BBT]

Heinlein, Robert A. [Bo] [AL] [BL] [BR]

0 "All You Zombies" {/11,TG/}

[in Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 1959]
[in 6 X H; Heinlein, Robert A.; ?; $?] [BBT]

Heydron, Vicki Ann

0 "Cat Tale" {/Ph/}

[in Greyhaven; ed. Bradley, Marion Zimmer; DAW; 1983; 0879978155; $2.50] [BB] [BBT]

Heym, Stefan

+ "The Wachsmuth Syndrome" {11,76/75/}

[in Playboy; September 1972]
[in The Queen Against Defoe and Other Stories; 1974; Lawrence Hill & Co.; 0882080415; $?] [BB] [BBT]

Hoffman, Nina Kiriki [BL]

+ "Unleashed" {11/28/}

[In The Ultimate Werewolf by Preiss]

Hogan, James P. [Bo] [AL] [BL] [BR]

0 "Identity Crisis" {/TG,11/}

[in Stellar 7; ed. Judy-Lynn Del Rey; Del Rey; 1981; 0345294734; $2.50] [BB] [BBT]

0 "Till Death Do Us Part" {/75/}

[in Stellar 6; ed. Judy-Lynn Del Rey; Del Rey; ?] [BBT]

Holloway, Lance [HP]

0 "Full Moon" {/Ph/}


Housman, Clemence

0 "The Were-Wolf" {/Ph/}

[in Werewolf! by Pronzini]

Hussey, Leigh Ann

0 "The White Wolf" {/Ph/}

[in Werewolves, by Yolen and Greenberg]

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