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Parkinson, T. L.

0 "The Shell" {/79/}

[in Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 1990]

Pearson, Arthur [HP]

+ "Growing Wilder" {Ph//}


Pelleschi, Andrea

0 "Song of the Dragon" {/72/}

[in Sword and Sorceress VII; ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley]

Person, Lawrence [??]

0 "Details" {/139/} [??]

[in Asimov's, April 1991]

0 "Salvation" {/139/} [??]

[in Midnight Graffiti, by Stephen King (Editor), James Van Hise, Jessica Horsting, jes Horsting; Warner; 1992; 0446363073; $?] [BB] [BBT]

Phaedrus [HP]

0 "Byte Me" {/Ph/}


0 "Commission" {/Ph/}


0 "Field Trip" {/Ph/}


0 "Reinkarmation" {/Ph/}

[Adult link]

0 "A Trickster's Tail" {/Ph/}


0 "Wishes" {/Ph/}


Pierce, Meredith Ann [AL]

+ "The Woman Who Loved Reindeer" {/72/}

[in Moonsinger's Friends; ed. Susan Shwartz]

Poe, Edgar Allen

0 "Metzengerstein" {/77/}

[in Beware the Beasts; ?; 1971; 532-00343-075; $3] [BBT]

Pohl, Frederik [Bo] [AL] [BL] [BR] [DZ]

0 "Father of the Stars" {/77/}

[in Galaxy; 1964]
[in Digits and Dastards; Frederik Pohl; 1966; ?] [BBT]

0 "My Life as a Born-Again Pig" {/Ph/}

[in Synergy 1; ed. Zebrowski, George; HBJ; 1987; 0156877007; $5.95] [BB] [BBT]

0 "The Tunnel Under the World" {/77/}

[in The Best of Frederik Pohl; ed. Lester del Rey; Nelson Doubleday; SFBC] [BBT]

Porcupine, Pascal Q.

0 "Just another Sunday..." {/Ph/}


Pronzini, Bill

0 "Ancient Evil" {/28/}

[In The Ultimate Werewolf by Preiss]

- "How Now Purple Cow" {//Ph}

[in One Hundred Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories]

Prophecy, Sonic [HP]

0 "Windows" {/Ph/}


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