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This section of the List was originally created back when the List had no search capability; if you were only interested in one topic--say, lycanthropy--it was pretty daunting to have to pick your way through the entire List to find the appropriate stuff. At the time, I didn't think that searching could be added without essentially demolishing the list and starting over; and I didn't want to do that. So I thought it might be useful to provide pre-done "sub-lists" dealing with commonly-requested topics--a sort of poor man's searching.

Now the List has a shiny new search engine. Will I be doing away with the Focus section? No; actually, I've expanded it. Before, I stopped at a single Focus section (Lycanthropy), because maintaining it turned out to be such a royal pain; every time I added a new entry, I had to manually add it to the focus list if appropriate. Now, I can just add appropriate "magic search links" to the focus pages, that automatically do the appropriate searches to find things. Then all I have to do is find interesting links to other sites and sprinkle them in.

So, if you have suggestions for topics, please let me know (). Even if I told you "it's too much work" before, please ask again; it's not nearly as much work now.

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