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Aickman, Robert

0 "Ringing the Changes" {Ph}

[in Isaac Asimov's Magical Worlds of Fantasy 10: Ghosts; eds. Asimov, Greenberg and Waugh; Signet; 1988; 0451157230; $4.50] [BB] [BBT]

Aldiss, Brian [Bo] [AL] [BR]

0 "Better Morphosis" {/Ph/}

[in Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1991]

0 "Full Sun" {/Ph/}

[in Werewolf! by Pronzini]

0 "A Kind of Artistry" {/77/}

[in Best from F&SF, 12th Series; ed. Avram Davidson; 1965]

0 "Shards" {/79/}

[in Starswarm; Brian Aldiss; Gollancz; 1990; 057504182X; $3.50?] [BB] [BBT]

Aldridge, Ray

+ "Hyena Eyes" {Ph//}

[in Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1990]

Allen, J. B.

- "Wash and Were" {//Ph}

[in Amazing Stories, March 1986]

Allen, Luke

0 "Lurker Surprise" {/Ph/}


0 "A Trickster's Tail 724: Anniversary" {/Ph/}


Anderson, Kevin J. [BL]

0 "Special Makeup" {11/28/Ph}

[In The Ultimate Werewolf by Preiss]

Anderson, Poul [Bo] [AL] [BL] [BR] [DZ]

0 "Call Me Joe" {/11,77/}

[In The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, vol. 2A; ed. Bova, Ben; Avon; 1974; 0380000385; $1.75]
[In The Great SF Stories: 19 (1957); eds. Asimov, Greenberg; DAW; 1989; 0886773261; $4.50]

0 "The Star Beast" {/77/}

[in Award Science Fiction Reader; ed. Alden H. Norton; Award; 1966] [BBT]
[in Super Science Stories, 1950] [BBT]
[in Strangers from Earth; Mayflower-Dell (UK); 1965] [BBT]

Antieau, Kim

+ "The Mark of the Beast" {11,Ph/28/}

[In The Ultimate Werewolf by Preiss]

Asimov, Isaac [Bo] [AL] [BL] [BR]

+ "The Bicentennial Man" {75//}

[in The Bicentennial Man; Isaac Asimov; ?; $?] [BBT]

Asimov, Isaac; Asimov, Janet

+ "Norby and the Lost Princess" {103//}

[in Norby: Robot for Hire; Ace; 1987; 0-441-58635-X]

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