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MacDonald, George [AL]

0 "The Gray Wolf" {/Ph/}

[in Masterpieces of Fantasy and Wonder; ed. Hartwell, David G.; Guild America; ?] [BBT]

MacDonald, Ian [Bo] [??]

+ "Towards Kilimanjaro" {144//} [??]

[in Future Earths: Under African Skies; DAW; 1993; 0886775442; $4.99] [BB] [BBT]

Maclean, Katherine

0 "Syndrome Johnny" {/77/}

[in Galaxy; 1951]
[In Backdrop of Stars; ed. Harry Harrison, NEL (UK); May 1975] [BBT]

0 "Unhuman Sacrifice" {/77/}

[in Astounding; 1958]
[reprinted in A Century of Science fiction; ed. Damon Knight] [BBT]

Magus (aka Magus T. Fox) [HP]

0 "Meeting Friends" {/Ph/}


Malzberg, Barry [AL]

0 "Nightshapes" {/Ph/}

[in Werewolf! by Pronzini]

Marie de France [??]

0 "Bisclavret" (poem) {/143/} [??]


Marryat, Frederick

0 "The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains" {/Ph/}

[in A Walk With the Beast; ed. Collins, Charles M.; Avon; 1969; 0386005069; $?] [BB] [BBT]

Masterton, Graham

0 "Changeling" {/11,TG/}

[in Hot Blood, by Gelb]

Matthias, Charles [HP]

0 "Flushed!" {/Ph/}

[Adult link]

McCaffrey, Anne [Bo] [AL] [BL] [BR]

0 "The Ship Who Sang" {/36/}

[short story in A Science Fiction A to Z; eds. Asimov, Greenberg, Waugh; Houghton Mifflin; 1982; 039531285X; $22.95 hardcover] [BB] [BBT]
[short story in The Great Science Fiction Series; eds. Pohl, Greenberg, Olander; Harper & Row; 1980; 0060133821; $16.95 hardcover] [BB] [BBT]

McCammon, Robert [Bo] [AL]

0 "The Thang" {/11/}

[in Hot Blood, by Gelb]

McElroy, Wendy

0 "Werewolf" (poem) {/Ph/}

[in Amazing Stories, September 1984]

Michaux, Henri

- "And More Changes Still" {//Ph}

[in SF 12; ed. Merril, Judith; Dell; 1969; 7815; $0.75] [BBT]

Moon, Elizabeth [BL]

0 "The Happy Frog" {/Ph/}

[in Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1989]

Moore, C. L. [AL] [DZ]

0 "No Woman Born" {75//11}

[in The Best of C.L. Moore; ed. Lester Del Rey; Del Rey; 1975; 0345289528; $2.25] [BB] [BBT]

Murphy, Pat [AL] [BL]

0 "Eyes of the Wolf" {/77/}

[in Galaxy; May 1978]

0 "Rachel in Love" {/77/}

[in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, April 1987]
[in Points of Departure; Bantam Spectra; 1990; 0553286153; $3.95] [BB] [BBT]

0 "South of Oregon City" {/28/}

[In The Ultimate Werewolf by Preiss]

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