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Related Resources

These are things you may be interested in, on the Internet or elsewhere. Some of them are listed because they have transformation stuff in them. Some of them are listed because they have HTML links to this document that I found out about, and I decided to return the favor. (Thanks!) Some of them are listed for reasons I cannot adequately explain.

Please let me know of anything that should be listed in this section. (Note: I will not link to any site that charges for access.)

General Transformation-Related Stuff

+ Transformation Ring {Ph//}

This Transformation Ring site is owned by Phaedrus.

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+ Thomas Hassan's Transformation Stories Archive {Ph//}

0 TSAT {Ph//}

0 Destrier's Equine Shape-Shifting Page {/Ph/}

+ From the Keyboard of Terry Spafford {Ph//}

+ Magus the Fox's Archive {Ph//}

Genre-Specific Sites

These are sites having to do with specific types of transformations. I've moved these links to the focus pages, where you can also do searches of the List for stories of these types.

General SF Sites

These are sites having to do with science fiction (or speculative fiction or whatever the correct term for it is this month) in general.

+ Lysator SF Archive {Ph//}

+ Rutgers SF Archive {Ph//}

+ Science Fiction Resource Guide [logo] {Ph//}

+ The SF Site [logo] {Ph//}

0 Speculative Fiction Clearing House {/Ph/}

General Literature Sites

These are sites having to do with books in general.

+ Internet Public Library {Ph//}

Online Bookstores

If you're looking for the books on this List, here's some places to try. Many of these stores are now available through the Bookstore Browser feature of the List; clicking on a book's [BB] or [BBT] link will let you look at various bookstores' information on the book.
I was briefly a member of some of these bookstores' affiliate programs. I have ended that; it was more trouble than it was worth. So I have no financial stake whatsoever in any of the bookstores listed here.

+ Amazon.com {Ph//}

+ BarnesandNoble.com {Ph//}

0 BookServe.Com {/Ph/}

0 Books Now {/Ph/}

+ Powell's Books {Ph//}

Bookstore Comparison Services

- Acses {//Ph}

+ Advanced Book Exchange {Ph//}

+ MX BookFinder {Ph//}

Search Engines

These are sites that catalog other people's Web pages. Some of them use predefined sets of categories (sort of like browsing through a library card catalog); others use keyword searches (which find pages that contain words you're interested in); others combine the two. (Only sites that include this list are included, on the theory that other sites are obviously too incomplete to be useful. Who, me, humble? I've sent this site's URL in to all the search engines I know about that allow URLs to be entered manually.)

+ Alta Vista {Ph//}

0 Excite {/Ph/}

0 Infohiway {/Ph/}

0 Lycos {/Ph/}

0 Snap {/Ph/}

0 Yahoo! {/Ph/}


These are sites that may or may not have anything to do with transformations. But they link to me, and I thought they were cool, or at least vaguely amusing. :-)

0 Catalog of Text Archives {/Ph/}

0 Nickel's Bishoujo Home Page {/Ph/}

0 Wolf Studios {/Ph/}

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