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Focus on "Furry" Stories

A "furry" is a blend of human and animal--a human with strong animal characteristics, or vice-versa. (Another term for this is "anthropomorph.") Furry stories (particularly stories involving transformations of humans into furries) are very popular on the net; I greatly enjoy them as well. (If you're a Usenet reader, you may have already guessed that, since I include a "Furry Code" at the end of all of my posts...)

The Transformation Stories List includes quite a number of furry stories. It currently does not have a search engine code for them; however, I'm in the process of adding one. The search engine does have a related code--"AN", for animal characteristics. Not all of the "AN" stories really qualify as furry (since many of them involve transforming completely into an animal), but at least it's a starting point.

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Interesting Links

This is just a small set of interesting links to sites involving furry transformations, which I picked as a starting point. As always, if there are other links you think belong here, or if you have other suggestions, please let me know.


+ Boss Hoss's Stable {/Ph/}

+ Brian Eirik Coe's Homepage {Ph//}

+ The Buck's Stories {Ph//}

0 The Dark Woods Page {/Ph/}

+ Lance Holloway's Transformation Page {Ph//}

+ Mia's Index of Anthro Stories [logo] {Ph//}

+ Miavir's Treasure Chest of Assorted Furryness {Ph//}

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