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Focus on Lycanthropy

A lycanthrope is a human able to turn into a wolf. (The original stories talk about people turning completely into wolves; modern fiction introduced the Lon Chaney-type "wolfman", probably to keep the special effects budgets down... ) However, people commonly use the word to refer to someone who can turn into an animal, no matter what kind of animal. Werewolves have been known to be very insulted by this. :-) The right word for "someone who can turn into some animal" is "theriomorph", and the word for that condition is "theriomorphism" or "therianthropy."

This list uses the "LY" result code to mark all therianthropy stories, whether they involve werewolves or not. Please forgive me.

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Interesting Links

This is just a small set of interesting links, which I picked as a starting point. As always, if there are other links you think belong here, or if you have other suggestions, please let me know.

Several of these links have to do with the Usenet newsgroup alt.horror.werewolves. I'm not sure I can sum up this newsgroup here, other than to say that it's a very different, and very deeply-felt, approach to lycanthropy. I used to have several links to AHWW-related sites here; however, they all seem to have vanished--please let me know if you have suggestions for replacements. Links to sites dealing with the alt.horror.werewolves view of lycanthropy are marked with [AHWW].

0 Bender's Werewolves in Suburbia {/Ph/}

+ GarouMUSH {92/Ph/}

0 The Wer-Wolf Page {/Ph/}

0 The Werewolf Page {/Ph/}

0 Wolfgirl's Transformation Links {/Ph/}

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